My Best First Day So Far

I hope I am not jinxing it but I think this is by far my best first day. I mean it is technically not the first day that we are working. We have worked online for a month now, nor is it my first time visiting the studio as we met day before yesterday to discuss a reading but today is the first day that all of us are here together to work and learn.

I joined this program because I knew it was going to be something unconventional and I was so bang on about it. We started the day by meditation and then we talked for a while. This is possibly the best start to a day, as you get a chance to connect to yourself and absorb things happening around you. We talked about how was everyone putting up and it felt good to actually comprehend what we feel on a daily basis.

We then did an exercise where we filled balloons with rice. We didn’t know why we were doing that but it was fun. Later we made small stuffed balls with the balloons and rice. Then we played a game. We just threw balls at each other randomly.

The game might seem simple and stupid but it has so many lessons to give. We learnt how to be attentive, how to worry less, how to engage completely and be relentless when needed. We sat down and talked about all of these. Sir shared stories and experiences and yes very subtly he also asked us to amp up our work.

It was a great day and as I write it in the short break that we got, I can’t wait for things to unfold.