Spatial and Graphical Representation of the Chosen Site

I struggled while selecting my site initially. I had two potential sites that I documented. The first site was a redesigned street edge with a lot of infrastructure, accessibility, space and rigidity. I documented the site, made orthographic drawings but later realized that it was too saturated for me further work with it. So Siddharth sir suggested that I should opt for the second site. The second site was the edge of a large commercial eatery.

Coming from the urban design field, I tend to see spaces at the edges or on an urban scale but that was not helping here. So after a lot of discussion with sir, I decided to take the terrace of the commercial eatery as my final site. The site is too huge so I have taken about 1/3rd of the terrace.

After finalizing the site, I struggled a lot with accessing the site. For starters I went to one of my friend’s office as the site was clearly visible from there. I am still trying to reach and see if I could experience the site first hand and not from a distance.

Further on, I made a few sketches and then turned it into a model. I tried making the model at 250 scale by gauging pictures from the dimensions that I managed to click. I exaggerated a few vertical dimensions to make it look the picture but I got a few proportions wrong.

1st Model

Then I finally managed to go to the site and roughly measure draw the space that I have selected as my site. Then I remade the model. The model really helped me to understand the site better and establish spatial associations within the site.

The site is a terrace above one of the famous commercial food malls in Pune, known as Balewadi High Street. It has two entrances, at right and left bottom. There are multiple small planters on the site as a part of the landscape with a large lawn in the center left. The right edge of the site end with a planter section which is at a height in prevent anyone falling from the terrace. There are three dome like structure, which help to luminate the floors underneath the terrace. The site is wide spread across an area of about 150 x 50 m.

Top view of the revised model
Revised Model