Visual and Spatial Representation of Trees and Plants

I love nature. I am sure a lot of people do. I was thrilled when I had to sketch trees and plants. I have sketched them before and to do it again was very exciting.

I started making sketches using different grades of micron. I tried making tree trunks as they have a lot of details to capture. I roamed in my society to find interesting trees and plants. The most interesting one was where three tree trunks are inter-twined forming a large foliage. I spent a lot of time on the benches of my society making these sketches. The guards as well as a few residents of the society came to ask me what I was doing. It felt so good to be out sketching. It was almost like working on site where you have all these people coming up to you and asking what are you doing.

Then I sat in my balcony to see what I can make from there. I have about 30 plants in my balcony and I love spending time there. I had kitta in my hand. Kitta is a hollow piece of wood that looks like a tiny bamboo stick. I found it in my stationary and was reminded of my sketching classes in college campus. The strokes of a kitta are very rigid unlike a brush so it was interesting to try a new medium. I also tried using a brush to make leaves. I personally liked the kitta sketches more. I enjoyed making them a lot.

Lastly I made what I love the most, flowers. I have rose plant in my balcony that I planted. It bears beautiful pink roses. I used microns for sketching these. I tried to capture the depth between the petals. The sketches turned out really good. I am very happy with them. We can see buds, half bloomed flowers and a complete rose with a stem as seen below.

I love being amidst nature and this was a great break from me constantly being in my room. I love to doodle flowers and leaves. I have a separate book where I have sketched different doodles of flowers. I have used a few of them as cover images for a few of my blogs. Thus, this was my favorite VSR so far.