Sketches: Cohabitants

During the week 1, I had started sketching with the mediums which I was comfortable drawing with – graphite and pens. As we were told to explore the medium, I had tried crayons, poster colour, water colour to draw human figures.

This week I delved more into exploring the new media.

 When I explored ink with brush. I struggled with what to draw and how to draw?

What details should I include while drawing human figures? I decided on attire, any other specific add-ons like spectacles or necklace, face expression etc. I decided to draw a single person with different mediums to see what can happen.

I started drawing with pen. I was very confident at first. Well, the sketch didn’t turn out as I had expected- the proportions didn’t seem good, the details didn’t go well with the sketch. Somehow, I decided to move to charcoal. I couldn’t get the details right, but I somewhat was getting the sense of proportion and posture. Unknowingly I was also capturing the light gradation. I tried to draw details, but it didn’t do justice to the drawing, so I left the details out. With brush and ink, I couldn’t get the details at all. So, I focused on the posture. Drawing with kitta and ink was more of a struggle with line thickness.

I realised, that pre decision doesn’t work. The medium allows specific things and ways. I needed to explore that. The flow, gradation, and overlaps of gradation gave entirely different meaning to the sketch. It allowed for certain details to be shown in a certain way. The further explorations were explorations in medium. What and how did the medium allow. I realised the issued that I faced during my first exploration vanished with change in size of the sketch. And to my surprise, I was enjoying the newfound medium more. I was surprised and happy with the way the hand had a sense of freedom.

I found that I had similar approach to other things in practice and life. I may have been too comfortable in the ways which worked for me at a given time. And I understand now, that they might not work for every time and for all situations. Just like the pre decided decision of things to draw do not work for all sizes of sketches, medium of sketches! Well, now I feel I can open to the new media! Now I am eager to find more – what does the new media have in store…!!!???