Site Visit

When we visit a place we cannot absorb everything about that place. Our past experiences and knowledge orient our observations about the place. 

This is what I realised soon after I visited the site last time I went in to measure-draw the site. I thought that I had recorded what I had to, to be able to make the drawings. 

But when I started making a model of the site, I couldn’t get the sense of a few nooks and corners. It felt like I had forgotten about these spaces. I had no recollection! So I went through the photographs that I had clicked. And to my surprise, I hadn’t clicked photographs of a few such spaces. And a few spaces whose photographs were clicked, I couldn’t recollect my feeling of those parts. 

This experience reiterated the importance of different mediums and methods of recording documenting a site- sketching, measure-drawing, photographs, videos, model making, body work. Each of these tell a different story about the site. The more stories one knows about different aspects of a being,  the better one can understand that being!

Red marked are spaces in site plan which were forgotten

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