So, here we are…

On a random day of March, while I was scrolling through Instagram I came across a post which was about p4 residency program. I immediately thought to myself “I think I should do this” but there were hidden “self-doubts” about myself all along from the moment I saw the post on Instagram to my first day in the program.

The program itself has 3 step selection out of which first one was registration, as easy as it sounds it was merely just registration proceeding with the P4 residency form which to be very honest had very thought provoking questions challenging my ideas of creativity, taking me back to my childhood through memory lane, asking about my people and their art and about the lifestyle I have. The form had a question regarding my first performance, which was quite emotional to write about because my mother still proudly discusses every detail about it with everyone. In my day to day life I don’t check in my relation with my emotions but this form and filling it out was such an opportunity for me.

sketch of my first peformance during durga pooja

Following was the session with Mr. Siddharth Singh. We discussed on every question and answer on the form. We had a pretty good discussion about creativity, perfection and guilt we carry within us. He helped me to put things in the places in the form, the clearer expected direction.

Moving forward to next few weeks in time, I got to know that I was selected for the program and got chance to meet few really wonderful people just before the start of the residency. I hope to interact with each of them and learn one thing or another from everyone during this process.

If I have to conclude my experience of taking part, it’s like being on a cliff and taking part in residency for me is jumping off a cliff, no one is pushing me to jump, no one is telling me or forcing me, it’s a jump I have taken, I might land perfectly, I might break while falling but at least I will learn how to jump or take a fall and that’s my leap of faith. So, here we are…