The Story Behind My First Blog

I got to know about the program from one of my college professors in March ‘22. I opened links, read through the brief and found it to be very interesting. I knew my parents would not agree instantly so I decided to talk to them first. Finally, after explaining to them what the program offered and how it was a different opportunity to learn more, they agreed. Then I applied for the program. I was quite scared initially but if I wanted to something new, I had to give it shot.

I sent a mail showing my interest in the program. The next stage had a registration form, a very lengthy one. When I first read the form, I found it to be very different. Filling up the application form was very interesting as it not only included details about my work but about my daily life as well. We perform many activities daily; some of them become involuntary in no time and turn into habits before we realize. I love to sing and dance but while filling the form I realized I had not done either in a long time. That’s when I knew I definitely wanted to enroll for this program as it would bridge the gap between my college work and leisure time for myself where I could indulge or perform my favorite activities. I enjoyed filling out that form as I got an opportunity to self-introspect. 

Then I was selected for the interview round. I remember it was the day before my final jury. I was all piled up with work and stressed about the same but also nervous and excited for the interview. The interview went well. I was happy to meet Siddharth sir. He was warm and welcoming. Being an introvert it takes me time to become comfortable with anyone but after the interview I felt like it would be fun and interesting working with him.

In the interview I was asked to reiterate a few questions from the form. I did that in the coming week and soon got a letter of selection. I was thrilled to get the news but I also knew that my parents would not have the same reaction. They were very skeptical about me going to Delhi and living on my own. However, later they agreed and gave me their best wishes like they always do.

A few meetings happened after that elaborating the program brief and introducing all the members of the program. It was good to have people from various backgrounds to come and work together. Thus, here I am blogging my process and experience of how I reached here.

Today marks the beginning of this program which I am very happy to be a part of. I am all excited to be on this journey and getting to learn new things and gain new experiences.