The Closure Review

Finally, my childhood home was converted into an institute. After the closure of my childhood home design. I first started thinking about neighborhood context and what community space does it require. My site is located in Amreli, Gujrat. Amreli is quite famous for Sanghadia bangles. My parents are into its business and also my neighborhood has trained workers for it. So I decided to make an exhibition of bangles and their manufacturing. I wanted to make a space where visitors can also see how workers are making those bangles. 

My neighborhood is the society area which basically has one-story houses. Behind my house, there is a big empty plot with vegetation. So I decided to make nice facades on both sides. On the street, there are entries, one for a house through an open terrace and another for an institution through double-height space. There are also two Otlas for people on the street. 

House and institution are separated since they both have two different entries. Although there is one door connecting the house and the institution. The institution has such openings that the privacy of the house would be maintained. It has a jaali wall on the street side and other openings are on the height. 

What excites me more about my design is the arrangement of courtyards and entries of the house and institution. Arrangement of the courtyard is also something that was appreciated in the final review. I also got some suggestions about the program. Traditional ways of selling bangles is something that I should have considered for exhibition. It gave me an idea of what I could have done further for the institution.

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