Towards the End

With the final review the design of the institution came to a closure. My program for the institution was providing working areas for ladies doing sewing business from home as covid has created protests from neighbors against the visitors and display areas cum shop for selling the clothes made. The site is situated inside a residential society, opening towards the common ground and not opening directly on the road which gave an advantage of not having restricted openings on the façade.

The entrance to the institution and the residence is separate as the institution is not run by the family. The institution has a double height entrance with a sliding folding door in the front and the above portion is framed glass, framed with Mondrian style. The entrance to the institution was enhanced more than the entrance of the house. The review was on how the character of the entrance of the house can be enhanced. ‘Where can one feel that he or she has entered the house? Does it feel like standing in the courtyard when you are on the bridge?’

The fenestration of the building is what I found the most interesting. Towards the north it was fully porous while on the south it was minimum openings required. On the ground floor, below sill level is brick wall and above it is fixed glass window. It also has horizontal louvers which prevents glare of sun while allowing diffused light to enter the space.

Another interesting aspect of the design is the different levels of porosity on different floors. The lowest floor i.e. -6 M level was made as a pavilion while the -3 M level has lesser openings to maintain privacy.

With this the design process came to an end for the semester but in reality whenever I see the the design there is always something to add or look at again. It never ends.

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