The Finish Line

As the semester almost ended, the final jury created a sense of pressure and tense around us. I was both excited and nervous to present my work to the jurors. I designed an entertainment centre that has a comedy club on the first floor, an outdoor cinema on the rooftop and a small cafe on the ground floor. I feel that an entertainment centre and food always brings the community together and since my parents love socialising this program would be very helpful for them. Since my house is located on a busy street in Mumbai, this would be a great fit.

The institution I designed has its main entrance towards the main street along the footpath which would attract a lot of onlookers and people passing by. I feel that the contrasting design of the house and the institution allow them to be independent of each other. The jack arch system of construction used for the house clearly differs from the steel truss used for the institution. Both of these different materials somehow blended together because of the wooden pergola in the middle.

The entire process of designing this institution was an exciting process with the usual ups and downs. Learning about new structures, processes, materials etc was what I gained a lot from this process. The most surprising aspect for me in the process was the drastic transformation of a concrete structure into a bridge made of a steel truss. I loved the facade that had the entrance of the institution. The staircases running up and down with the steel mesh pin wall standing in the middle was my absolute favorite.

After explaining my design to the jurors, I got interesting ideas like flipping the institution and my house which would create a captivating outcome. I learnt a lot about my own design and site through a different perspective because of this jury.

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