The Closure

After working hard for intense 16 weeks of the studio it was the time for final closure review of the studio. The closure review was done by Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya and Prof. Riyaz. They not only talked about our designs but also shared their point of view and experience so we can understand the field in a better way.

For the final review, we had options in models, digital or cardboard I choose digital one, and compared to the mid-sem this time we had less work to present so we can easily complete the deliverables. I made exploded view of the building and a site model to so the context, the orthographic drawings, and the human eye-level views of the building.

The childhood home which was further extended into an institution, the institution consists of a cafe and a workspace for students. The area in which I live has a lot of hostels, PG’s and students also rent the house in the neighbourhood for further studies. So at the times of Breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are many food stalls around where the students go for their meals, so as my mother loves cooking she keeps telling, she will also start a food business after her retirement so I got influenced from that and I designed a cafe and n workspace where students and come and work or study without any disturbance.

The front facade of the building has less fenestration and has a double volume space at the entrance so the transition between the outside and inside becomes smooth and the building can easily meet the neighbour. Along with merging with the neighbourhood the building also stays different as other houses are 2 or 3 storeyed rectangular boxes with flat terraces and my building is a 2 storey building with a vault and different geometry.

The part which excites me the most in my building is the play of volumes because of the vault and double volume and the play of light with the fenestrations. I have created large openings so the building so everyone can feel the surroundings, the common plot and a lot of vegetation on it and has maximum natural light which derived from my previous design.

My review was scheduled at the end and was brief than other students but I learnt a lot from the reviews given to my peers and apart from the reviews on the designs I also learned many good things from the conversation which the external tutors had with tutors and the students.

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