Learning through mistakes

 While working through the end of this brief for the final presentation, few parts in my design were to be fixed and one of them was the roof. As it had three distinct mass and three voids at different levels,this lead to collision of roof to another roof at the overhang of the wooden roof. Initially during the process I started with a vaulted roof and pitch roof but they were going with the architectural language of the buildings around the site. Next I went on to try gable roof and lean to roof but with the placement of them would lead to water leakage near the roof of the staircase. In the final iteration I turned the gable roof to 90 degrees by having a slope on the longer side of the walls. This placement helped to place the other roof at the staircase and the bridge. Overall, this gave me knowledge of working with different kinds of roof with their detail calculation and placement of rafters and battens. 

Moving on to the next step to rendering of drawings where I tried to use a monochrome palette of colours. And I also placed inhabitation from my earlier drawings but then during the final review l realised they were not sufficient to represent inhabitation, as the site context was also missing in the plans.

After the final review I realised that my plans were not sufficient to represent split level concept properly, there should be other sets of plans; one with the regular levels 0, -3, -6 and other three with the split levels -1.5, 1.5. As split levels were represented with  regular levels it made harder to read the plans due to differences in the levels. I also realised that while designing I have to look at inside context such as furniture and outside context such as road together in order to resolve a design. 

One of the main problems in my design was the massing. The three different masses, and three voids created deeper courtyards, and the masses of four stories looked like three different apartments connected with the bridge. These different masses were made to differentiate between regular stories and the split levels, but I feel it could have been narrowed down to 2 distinct mass as in my earlier iteration.

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