Final week

As the final semester, was coming to an end we all were excited about presenting our work. Since the brief mention about designing an institute above the residence, I thought of making a yoga and meditation center. we had one week left before jury day. Necessary changes were to be made like changing fenestration and a few other things though my massing was the same as before.

I wanted to design a yoga and meditation center because that is a subject that has intrigued me. My site was located inside a narrow society. The entrance is from the northeast direction. I had used metal frame and the brick infill to construct the institute which also made some distinction from the neighboring houses. Jali brick wall stands out as the most interesting architectural element. So I took notes of how the institute looks different from the houses around and also have tried to make the building look modest such that it gives a little sense of calmness. (Refer above images)

So as the design consists of the residence and an institution, I have made some distinctions between the entry to both the spaces. To reach the institute we enter into the big veranda space and then comes staircase which leads to the yoga studio. While the entrance of the residence was from the right corner of the institute. (refer above elevation). That narrow path on the right side leads to a verandah space and through the staircase we reach the residence. I have tried to utilize spaces in a way that light can easily penetrate -6M lvl. To achieve this quality I shited the yoga space at +3M lvl which made enough space for the light. (Refer plan and section above)

In my yoga studios, I’ve utilized a sloped roof to create the appearance of a welcome from the inside. On the shorter side, I used fixed glass and fenestration, while on the longer side, I created a glass louver. This type of fenestration allows the room to open up and the air to circulate. My two institute areas are at various heights due to the split floors of my dwelling. The yoga room can hold up to 12 people at a time, and the fenestration prevents them from suffocating. This kind also contributes to the quality of the Institution spaces, and because I utilized brick infill, I constructed brick jali walls in the verandah area, which blend in with the rest of the institute and create some differentiation in terms of housing.

Following these improvements, I received some helpful input from the jurors, prompting me to consider what I may have done differently. The visual link between the apartment and the institution area was easy, invading one’s privacy. As a result, it was suggested that alterations be made so that institute personnel could not gaze into the dwelling directly. Another suggestion was that I could have rearranged my locker area to provide more space for the yoga equipment and more space for the instructor.  Overall, the input was helpful.

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