Final review

The site is in Jasdan. The program consists of a new childhood home, art workshop, and display gallery for a family of 5 with kids living and studying out of town.

What about your house & your neighborhood influenced your choice of the program?

Given the town of Jasdan where there are many artists, but not many dedicated spaces for the art to be displayed or to be taught. Hence, to address and educate I am offering an art workshop and a display gallery.

How do your house and the institution meet and also stay independent?

The house and institution have vertical circulation internally connected as well as the overlooking courtyards, but are also separated by a dedicated separate entry.

How does your architecture meet nature: vegetation, water, the sky and people?

I have a plus point in vegetation as my main entries are from the park side so it has many random trees and plants around it which is directly visible from the institution.

What excites you the most about your design from the following: space & form, fenestration & articulation, material & structure – any or a combination or all of these, or aspects other than these?

It really excites me how I am able to increase the floor plate and play with it. I have both the plates different in size so it really increases the excitement level of the design. Also, the entrances of both the house and institution are completely different in their own sense as one has a courtyard at the entrance while the other has a double height.

The feedback I received was to show more and more activities and inhabitation and make drawings more lively.

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