The journey began with the construction of a childhood house, which has since evolved into an institution. The site is on the outskirts of Surat, on the fringes of the city. On three sides, the house is surrounded by roads, with the remaining side having a house at a distance of 4.5 meters. Because the area is largely made up of residences and there is no suitable location for gathering, I chose to construct a cafeteria and a community center.

My mother will be in charge of the entire place. The cafeteria is located on the ground floor, with entrances on both the west and east sides. The west side entrance is in front of the busiest road, attracting the attention of passers-by. The majority of the residents of the area enjoy getting together with one another, but they must go a long distance, thus this cafeteria will allow them to spend time together. A community hall is located on the +3 level and will be used for functions and group gatherings. It will be an indoor meeting on regular days for folks who want to play games and participate in social activities. I have provided an outdoor sitting near the compound wall and at east entrance which will help the people to rest and enjoy outdoor environment.

During the jury conversation, a number of suggestions were brought up that may be included in the design. What will be the interaction between private and public space? What role will the site’s weather play in the design? How will the neighbourhood occupy the space? My perspective on the design altered as a result of the conversation. The site’s context was an important aspect of the design that may be better utilised.

I learnt quite a lot from the discussions of others and from the studio activities which will help me in the future.

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