A Loop in Design

The design of the secret place in the pit and then it follows up to the childhood home which finally ends into the institution at the neighbourhood level. So this different stage of the design process has grown through multiple iterations and a rigorous process of 16 weeks. But now it was the time to step back and look at the work I have created. Not only me but some engagement of my tutors, peers and other professors has given me the honest review of my design.

Before the review day, a week has passed in the preparation for this day. Different mediums have been used to unfold my story such as orthographic drawings in the form of plans,section & elevation, scaled model and the site model. Each of the medium shows the different aspects and narrates the different scenes of my story and as a whole they complete the story.

The site model defends the question of how the institution sits in the neighbourhood and negotiates with surrounding context. Looking at the model I get the idea that two shorter edges of the institution are touching the compound wall of the adjacent houses and the longer edges are opening towards the garden space and the internal street of the society. This context has given me the idea of creating the ground floor as an open pavilion for the community which also connects two important features of the neighbourhood: garden and the street. The context had suggested to me that the site is surrounded by the children by various activities carried in the garden and the street so it is a good opportunity to develop something which can extend their amusement but at the same time they learn and share something. So I chose a dance academy as a program of my institution.

Then zooming up the scale the orthographic drawing will deal with the smaller ideas and details in the parts. One of the ideas of the extension of the institution beyond the pit will be the space which will act as the non programmatic spaces for the community to spill out in their free time. The spaces which reside inside the profile of the pit will be programmatic spaces. The section shows the volumetric exploration and variation in different parts of the building. The performing spaces have bigger volume which allows the free movement for the dance and the verandahs extending the building are kept lower in height which cut down the direct light to the spaces. Because of  this deep and low height verandah, I modulated the roof to catch the soft light from the north side. So these were some of the important observations in the design.

The reviewer has also given me many comments and suggestions for my design. The program and the idea of the building to provide something for the community was really appreciated by them. To keep the lower floor open as a pavilion and the verandahs of the institution directly contributing as spill out spaces for the community are key points in my design. They liked that services are also laid out in the manner which can be easily accessible by the people. But my drawings were lacking to fill the gaps of inhabitation in the upper floor spaces. One of the suggestions which I liked the most was that the institution can also be developed in the solid material which gives the sense of ground for the performing spaces. So I thought about this point in particular that this could develop something interesting and also gave me an idea that I can go back to the start of this semester. The institution could acquire the same quality as my secret place has by giving the sense of mass and earth.

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