Rechecking everything

With months over months spent working on this design the finals are now approaching and the pressure building up, we need to finalise everything, orthographic drawings, models, wall sections etc. though I find it hard to work this week because of the long list of deliverable and the number of things to be resolved. I still tried my best to do everything. the arrangement of functions in the spaces was quite of a challenge for me, since architecture revolves around the function and not the other way round, I tried to put all the functions and its respective architecture in sync.

I first started with making the design changes with a pencil on my previous plans and sections, earlier my design has too many different functions, an office, café, library and nothing was going with anything very well. Its all spaces compartmentalized in a building making it look more like a commercial building than an institution with one purpose. I then decided to stick with one thing that is a book café where people come to read and spend some time around books while having a cup of tea or coffee. Once I decided what I want to do, I started making plans and sections and its respective elevations. Later on, I made the model to deliver my concept easily and see my design in person as well in a three-dimensional model making it easier for me to judge its design.

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