The last Workshop

As the end of the semester is near we had our second offline workshop, which was only for four days, unlike the first workshop this time we only focused on finalizing our designs. On the first day we had our first offline peer review on the community space model and site model.

On the second day we did 1:20 scale wall sections of the design, we made wall sections for the very first time in this studio so it took a little time to complete it. On the third day we made detailed elevations, showing all the details of fenestrations. And on the last day of the work-shop we visited Shreyas foundation and had a meeting with Abhay Mangaldas. He introduced us to the darwin lego and after that we went around the campus and learnt so many things. There were about 30,000 trees around the campus. After visiting almost every part of the campus it was time to go back to our campus for the closure of the workshop.

We did our last activity with sir as the closure of our workshop. and Now we had to work on our final designs for the last unit review of the studio. My design had a lot of changes and understanding those changes took more time than it should. After that I started making my 1:75 model of the institute, I’m becoming pro model after model and enjoying the process. The model helps me visualize my house the best, it feels like I’m inside the house and can feel the spaces

After that I made the site model to understand the context around the house site model is fun. I enjoy making those cute little houses and trees.

Then we also made 1:20 scale wall sections and other orthographic drawings with all the possible details.

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