After the offline workshop, we were given a deadline to submit the work for the pre-final jury. I had no idea at the beginning of the submission as to how I will complete all the requirements in the given time with all the resolutions that were meant to do. The first thing I started to do was the plans I had to mirror my plans because of the kind of relationship that I wanted to form with the park behind my site. The mirroring of the plans was so confusing at first because I was very satisfied with my childhood home. But as I started making plans above the -6 level, it all started to make sense.

After drafting the sections I came to know about the fenestration in the house and not only outside of the house. The sections were also a bit confusing to draft because everything got mirrored but I managed to make it at last.

The fenestration of all four sides was quite clear to me after the offline workshop. Also making the model helped me more.

Making the wall sections helped me figure out so many details that I wasn’t aware of, for example sliding folding doors, louvers, planter.

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