Pre Final Work

The past week was about terminating the design process and concluding the process by defining the construction details, fenestrations and elevations. The design resolution and detailing was happening hand in hand. It was a bit difficult for me to work this week, as there was less time to resolve the drawings and make the detailed drawing. Later, this helped in resolving the design better, as while resolving the design, in the back of my head I could now also think upon the construction details and articulation. Now when I look for a design drawing I see it through many aspects, like construction, geometry, inhabitation, articulation etc.

I tried making two iterations for my design as I was yet not very clear about the roofing of the institution. I observed both the roofs, through plans, sections and elevation. I feel like the vault roof has a different volumetric experience as compared to the sloping roof. Sloping roof also added onto light quality, from the northern side. Besides these orthographic drawings, I also made models for the design, to understand the articulation of the elements.

1:200 scale model with site

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