Pre-Final Preparation

After the workshop week, we were given a few days time to work for a pre-final jury to better prepare us for the final jury falling in the next week, the last week of the semester. The long list of deliverables was surely intimidating, but scheduling the work such that I do not end up working at the last minute really helped me out considering it felt very easy to slack away in the beginning as I knew I had a lot of time on my hands.

I began by resolving certain elements of design throughout the house and the institution in the plans. The feedback received on wall sections and the elevations during the workshop week drastically gave me clarity about the design I was progressing towards. Thus, that is exactly where I started picking up points from.

After resolving these details through different orthographic drawings, the back and forth process made it quite easy for me to visualize and further create the design in the 3rd dimension.

Although, I still discovered a lot more about my own process while making the model. Eventually, I ended up making some on-the-spot decisions during the model making process which I felt might make the spaces feel more inhabitable. The split roof system was fun to work with both in drawings and the model. At a certain point it allowed for opening up a space to more light & ventilation, whereas in another split, it provided a sense of enclosure by scaling down the entrance.

The site plan and model were further resolved to incorporate some more details of the neighboring houses in terms of their massing. The blocks were made using soap. This allowed me to freely bring in the form of the neighborhood as a whole.

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