Nearing the End

Although I had almost five whole days to complete the deliverables for the pre-final review, the long list made me a bit nervous. After receiving the list of deliverables, I immediately sat down and made a schedule for myself, dividing all the work into four parts to be worked on each day and the final day for documenting everything and writing this blog. I had set aside half a day to work on the plans, a day to complete all the drawings, a day to construct the site model and the site plan, and the third day to construct the 1:75 model. The fourth day was dedicated to rendering all the drawings and showing inhibition. From this perspective, the work could easily be completed before the deadline. It is, of course, much easier to make a schedule than to stick to it and follow it to the letter.

After making the plans, I was really excited to get started on the model. I wanted to see how my institution would look when surrounded by trees, and how it would stand out in my neighborhood. 

I, however, had a problem when I decided to make the form model on the first day. I thought it wouldn’t take too long and hence ended up taking breaks frequently and quite unnecessarily if I think about it at this point. I subconsciously kept telling myself “There’s still three and half days left, let’s go grab some snacks and chill on the sofa for only 10 minutes.” Obviously I spent more than ten minutes “chilling”. On the second day, I only completed the form model, so I was behind schedule.  In spite of that, I really liked the way this little library was tucked among the tall buildings, surrounded by beautiful trees. It looked quite magical. 

The second day was not much different from the first. There were supposed to be four sections, four elevations, and at least two wall sections, but I only finished three sections and four elevations. Working on the drawings helped me visualize what my institution would look like after resolving everything that the tutors mentioned, so I could not wait to get started on the model. 

My third day was spent working on the scale 1:75 model of the institution. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to complete the model on the same day and again left it until the fourth day.

The realization hit me on day four that if I continued to work at this pace, I would never be able to finish everything. After waking up early, I finished the last section and the three wall sections, and completed the model as well. In the end, I was not able to adequately document anything or show inhibitation in my drawings. I still had the site plan and had to render and show inhabitation in the drawings. 

I had to do all this on the final day that, according to my own personal schedule, I was supposed to use only for documentation. 

End result is that I wasn’t able to document anything well or show inhibitation in the drawings. And here I am, 30 minutes late, writing this post. 

This has always been the case for me. More time I have to do something, the more time I spend not doing it. Do other people feel the same way, or is it just me? Regardless of how early I start working, I always end up having to rush and stress at the last minute. Even though I understand how much my habit of leaving things until the last minute affects me, I sometimes have a difficult time convincing myself and fighting my urge to procrastinate. It is my hope that this experience will be something that I can learn from and improve upon when I prepare for my final jury. 

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