Last Discussion

The semester is about to end, there are lot of things that need to be finished before jury.   This will be the last meeting before the final presentation. We were given a few days after the workshop week to finish the deliverables, which comprised plans, sections, elevations, a wall section, and a model. I made a schedule for each prerequisite so that I could finish them ahead of schedule. The majority of the tasks were completed on schedule, but the model took so long that I became disoriented and couldn’t finish. There weren’t many changes in my design, but I had to focus on the structural features because my uppermost floor depends on it.

I began by resolving the plan, then moved on to wall parts and sections. The fenestration details were the part that was lacking. I looked up the references and tried to recreate them in my sketches. The majority of the work had been completed in drawings, so I began with the model, but there were a number of things that I discovered while working on the model. The major changes were the addition of columns and roof support. Because my columns were not evenly spaced, resolving the roof structure took a long time.

Finally, I followed the same structure as the ground floor and attempted to make them all the same distance apart. I spent a lot of time resolving and making and chose to finish the collection of orthographical drawings. Inhabitation was not shown in the drawing. 

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