As we geared up for our pre final submissions, the amount of deliverables and the pressure of giving my best challenged me till the last minute. I started with drafting orthographic drawings but the new design and the different constructional elements made this process slow and tiring. After drafting these drawings, I continued the tradition of hand rendering and showing inhabitation in them with microns.

The most fun part of this submission was making the model. I used new materials and processes for it. It took an entire day to make this model because of the minute details. This made me more aware of the articulation of the building. It made me focus on the intrinsic as well as extrinsic aspects of my design.

To look at the design from a larger context, a site model and a site plan were also made. It made me understand how the different facades react with the surroundings and the other concrete giants in my neighbourhood.

Drafting wall sections made me research new construction methods, elements, processes etc. It made me look at my design in a newer perspective and made me realise that my design had so many different materials and how they were blending with each other like the jack arch construction system used for the lower levels and steel for the upper levels. Both of these materials were met with a wooden pergola in the middle. 

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