Before the Final Lap

Having underwent an intense week of working on campus, the deliverables to be completed increased from there to prepare for the upcoming jury. After all these weeks of discussing on the design of the childhood home and then the public institution built over, time had come to gather all the tools to represent the design through varies means of representation.

Considering that the last week involving detailing the structure and building elements by zooming and looking at them at a larger scale, the overall floor plans and sections were sketched out to note the changes that discussions brought and represent those changes in the detailed drawings. So, while starting the representation, I modified the plans and sections while drafting to reflect those changes at the start. The understanding the usability of a space was ensured within these drawings through visuals- humans doing activities specific to the space. For instance, the food processing space has different heights in platform for the sink and cutting of vegetables. While the difference in height of the platform in section represents it, its readability has been enhanced by the human figures performing the activities in their state of standing or sitting.

Plan at 3M (L) and Section through the food processing space (R) : The human profile depict the activities in a space, helping to better understand its usability without the labels also.

In addition to that, orthographic drawings of the previous week, involving detailing the structure of a wall in the building, was modified to incorporate the changes of previous week. The changes in the dimension of the frame or the structural errors in the previous drawings were modified in the new one.

The mistakes brought out in the previous week modified in the next iteration of it

Zooming out to view the neighbourhood on a smaller scale, the site model represents the relation of the neighbourhood with the house. The purpose of having a terrace that slope towards to the open agricultural fields of the building, along one side, and at a height much higher than the surrounding houses to offer a panoramic view gets depicted clearly through the representation. The difference in levels of the natural ground, road and the building gets clear in the model, while their texture and color differentiate one from the other. The model emerged from referring the Google maps images which was traced and drafted to the appropriate scale. The traced site map itself has a similar language of rendering to communicate the the difference in terrain better.

Another model at a comparatively larger scale focuses on the building in particular, to depict the relation of the interiors with the surrounding. Working on the PVC board for the first time to make the model, my hands did take time to adapt to the need to precisely cut it in one stroke, in contrast the earlier used material of millboard, which required multiple simultaneous strokes to cut through. Having less efficiently managed time, considerable time was spent at the beginning, where the elements were cut slowly and with more pressure than required. But, on getting used to it, time was running. To add to it, mistakes in the cut elements required to have them cut again. Thus, by the deadline, the model was no where near completion. But, however, it provided an idea of how to divide the manage time while making one. While being thankful that this was to be done for the internal review before the jury, I decided to work on the model much earlier to be a steady pace, while making it neat and precise.

The deliverables for the review are mostly complete, but I still have a lot to work on bettering the representation of it. Thus, I know that the final week of this semester would be spent on it, but I have already planned out on how divide and work each day and the thoughts on the mistakes made this time would help in ,not procrastinating, and implementing the planned schedule.

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