The second workshop week

This workshop was quite different from what I expected it to be. On the first day of the workshop, I thought we’ll be doing something on plans and resolving that first but it was totally different. The whole process was simultaneous, we made models, plans, sections, wall sections, elevations with fenestration.

The first day of workshop was only about discussing models with peers and tutor. In which I came to realize the mistakes that I’ve been making since childhood home model that there is no sense of inhabitation. Also in the institution model the there was no sense of fenestration. So I’ve to keep in mind those points when I’ll make my next model.

The comment that I received on the plans was I should mirror my plans because of the entrance that I want to create for the home and the institution. The entrance of the house is a courtyard so it shouldn’t be directly placed near the main road. The transition from a highly crowded(road) to a park to courtyard would be nice.

Ground floor plan
G+1 level plan

On the second day of the workshop, we were told to bring 3 wall sections 2 of them from 0 level and 1 from the -6 level. So I was quite frustrated because I’ve never made 3 wall sections in 1 single day. But as I started to make them it was very fast. The first thing I did was I made sketches of the wall sections I was planning to cut and then drafted them in AutoCAD. I received so much feedback, but it was nice as it was offline the feedback was on the paper.

Wall section from 0 level floor
Wall section from -6 level floor

On the third day, we had to bring 4 elevations from all the sides with fenestration and a section from one courtyard which shows fenestration of all the levels. For the fenestration on all four sides, I received the feedback to play with the geometry and not just put louvres or glass on all the sides. And for the section, I felt I should’ve cut the section from the better side to show the fenestration.

On the last day of the workshop, we went to the Shreyas foundation. There I learned so many things about different materials and buildings but the main thing I learned was each piece in the room can act as furniture and plays a very important role in the nature of inhabitation. Also, I got to see one sloping roof where the height that the center was created was unwanted and that was the same feedback I received a day before the visit.

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