Second week of Workshop

The 14th week of Studio was offline. About the termination of the monsoon semester 2021. As expected for the last workshop, I was expected to work hard and be dedicated. The week started with a peer review on our design models. From my peers and faculty, I came to know what improvements my model and design needs. I had to change the form of my roof, and think more on the inhibition of the spaces, as in how the small kids will mess the space. I also had to close off the entrance and keep only one entry for the site, for the security concerns for the kids.

Further, we moved onto understanding the construction details of design, for which I made three wall sections to understand the sequence. I got to know the details about how the design sits into the pit and how the ground level meets the ground. The water flow from the roof to the ground was clearer after discussing these drawings with faculty.

The next session was about articulation of fenestration in the design, how the fenestration would feel and be seen in elevations. Overall, how the facade will look as a whole. Not only this, for me it helped me visualize the jack arched roof sitting onto the walls, about how the roof will terminate.

On the closure day of the workshop, we all visited Shreyas foundation, designed by B. V. Doshi, and founded by Abhay mangaldas, a school which follows three pedagogy of Gandhi, Tagore and Montessori. The project was nature based, having over 3000 trees, open grounds, with minimal paved walkways. The most interesting part for me of this project is it looked upon the anthropometry of the age groups very well. For 3-5 year olds they had washrooms made in class which had walls of nearly one meter high, this let the kids feel private while they could not get looked inside as they could still be supervised. Along with this I observed the different roofing articulated  over the project, the fenestrations used.

The workshop ended on campus with a short game wherein we all were told to throw a ball over the periphery and were distracted for a while so that we forget where we threw that ball. Later on suddenly we were told to get that ball within ten seconds.

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