Second Week of Spontaneity

The last week was one of the most happening weeks of the semester as we are working on the campus and one on one discussions are running. Though this time we are running short in time as it was planned for just three days and as the semester is on the peak the amount of work is much higher. Each day is curated to work and focus on different aspects of the design through various mediums.

The week started with the physical model of the institution where we are having a peer review. The 1:75 scale model made out of buff boards helps me to get better results. In my previous model, I have started with jute and then working with this new material I have realised that the material could affect significantly. The buff board is quite softer than the jute board and also the freshness and richness of the material helps to define the elements clearly. The model has given me the insight of the quality of the space: it is a pavilion space at the lower floor and the mass of the performing space is elevated above with the fine members. The layering of the verandah before the main space is also added with a series of thinner steel members which is defining the edge of the building. The play of volumes in the pavilion is another aspect to look at where we have three different kinds of volumes such as a terrace, a single and a double volume. The lower two floors in the pit of the childhood home in the model helps to give an idea that the language of the institution is drastically changed because of the change in structural system and material. The institution has a space which is not obstructed by the columns or any member in between creating big column free spaces which resonate with the program.

The next day follows with the wall section to jump into the resolution of material and structure. The additional layer to focus on is about the fenestration: details, working, types of fenestration, language of the fenestration with rest of the building. This jump to the details help me to get an idea of how the joineries and junction will be going to form in the final design. Some minute details of level drops, staircases and junctions where different materials meet are quite helpful to learn and explore in the wall section.

Before the major part of the building while childhood home design is lying under the ground level so it was inward looking. But now as the head of the building pops out in the form of an institution which will be directly or indirectly engaged with the surrounding so in that thought elevations are the drawings which helped to explore the possibilities of relationship between the surrounding and the building. The facades will direct the people of the community to how they react and engage with the institution.

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