Second offline workshop

The second workshop was conducted offline on campus. There were continuous discussions going on in the studio. It was the busiest week while working on the campus. But it was fun to work on campus as we were more productive on campus than at home. 

The second offline workshop started with a peer review of the model. The material I used to make the 1:75 scale model was jute board and greyboard. The use of greyboard was far easier to cut than the jute board. The reason behind using two materials was jute board depicted the brick infill while the greyboard showed the concrete frame. 

Now jumping on to the next day, the next day started off with a wall section. Wall section of all the 4 levels and two wall sections of any one level. Since my residence inside the pit is made of concrete frame and brick infill I tried steel frame and brick infill for designing my institute.  I designed a few joineries and showed how one beam joins the column. Also showed the angel of the roof and its joinery.

Wall section

Now comes the part of drafting elevation and finding out the Fenestration. I made 3 elevations excluding one sectional elevation which is cut from the courtyard which shows the relationship of fenestration of the institution part and the residence part. Since I have used the brick infill and steel frame as materials for the institute, it makes elevation more live.

 A site visit was conducted on the last day, we went to Shreyas foundation and saw some buildings and the materials they used. Abhay mangaldas also joined us and gave us some useful insights about the Shreyas foundation. We saw the same language being followed over the entire campus. I found some nice fenestration being used in the brick wall. It was an overall fun experience at Shreyas.

The second image shows the denestration detials which i can also incorporte in my design. it was insightful visit at shreyas.

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