Finalizing Design

The offline week, we did many different exercises to reach the end of our design, we made wall sections to see what’s going on inside the walls of the building, 3d models to see the building in person, elevations and sections to understand the habitation in the building. On the first day we brought our 3d models that we made and gave peer feedback on each other’s designs and models about what’s working and what’s not working and what’s need to be changed and what could be changed. This way we got to critically analyze our peers’ designs giving us ideas and for our own design plus the mistakes that were pointed out can now be addressed.

We concluded the four-day workshop by going to Shreyas Foundation, where we looked at its architecture and the arrangement of buildings in the space. We first started with a steel building based on the concept of Darwin Lego; this building can be simply moved to any location and be assembled there without destroying the space, the entire house was standing on steel columns with bolts. The building was a great example of an architecture that can go hand in hand with the natural environment and therefore telling us that architecture and the site doesn’t has to be in conflict with each other.

 There were quite a lot of things to pick upon. The courtyards that were forming around the buildings were beautifully utilized, they were giving a pause from the built spaces, acting as a buffer space. Further the buildings were of a decent height that is, they weren’t very tall and therefore weren’t overwhelming to look at, plus the material that is exposed bricks were going very well with that natural context of the environment. As a result, the entire architecture was like an offering to the space.

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