With months over months spent working on this design, where we first started with designing the residential part inside the pit and finally coming out of it and designing the institute and meeting the world. This week we explored the relationship of the house with the neighbourhood its surrounded with and to make the house a part of the neighbourhood.

We first made the axonometric view of the design which shows inhabitation and fenestrations. Since axonometric models tends to be more expressive than any plans and sections, the model speaks a lot about the sizes of spaces and their relation to one another. Further, modelling softwares allows us to create amazing contexts for our design pretty easily, we were able to create the entire neighbourhood around the house, making it much easier to imagine and inhabit.

Later on, we moved to cardboard models. Cardboard models though can’t really show inhabitation and vegetation easily yet they show something totally different and valuable. They allow us to meet the design in person. The model allows us to see each and every space much better and critically analyse it.

Along with the institution model we also made the physical site model. The physical model showed the neighbourhood, roads and other important aspects of the house.
along with our design we also looked at our peer’s design and critically analysed it and gave our peer reviews to it.

I judged shaily’s deign, astha’s design

In my opinion looking at shaily’s deign she needs to work on her staircases, the one going into the institute. Further she could use the truss like structure in a much better fashion than what she did.

In astha’s design she need to work on her staircases as well. Her staircase going into the residence needs to be properly  covered. And the entraces needs to be thought of, since she has multiple entrances which aren’t adding much value to the design, not just that but her kitchen for the institute also need to be bigger.

Upon reaching my group’s peer’s design I took notes on their own reviews which are going to help both of us.

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