Of Play & Work

The new module exploring a potential institution lying above the house is in play. Along with it the play of structure, material, roof, staircase, program with respect to providing a space for the community has been off to an exciting start. 

The neighborhood was briefly studied through an axonometric so as to analyze what sort of a program would benefit the people accessing the neighborhood. Or, the culture of the family was considered and hence gave the foundation for the program of the institution.

In my particular design, a creative workspace and a home office has been proposed for my parents who work as architects. Along with their practice, my mother also indulges herself in painting and crafts. Thus, depending on the requirements and activities of the residents, The program considered was put into the process of designing. 

After beginning with orthographic drawings, the design was further improved upon by the making of a physical model to the scale of 1:75 with cardboard. The model exhibits the role of the timber structure leaving room for openings. In some places where required, brick has been used as an in-fill material. Thus, timber, brick and glass largely make up the building and even its aesthetic. To break away from the extreme orthogonality, a spiral staircase was introduced in the institution, which also helped to save space. Upon further work it was transformed into a semi-circular staircase, also transforming with itself the form of the edge of one of the spaces. This allowed me to incorporate not just an unconventional element but also let elements and spaces amalgamate into each other. 

The roof also thus expanded itself to accommodate the curve of the slab underneath. An additional curved terrace was added to the façade with the institutional entrance to scale down the sense of entrance and of course to add an element of the outside as part of the interior of the institution. 

Two entrances, much separated from each other, were incorporated such that the threshold between the house and the institution remains sacred. At the same time, keeping in mind the purpose of the workspace, an entrance from the house has been given directly into the institution for the ease of the residents using the workspace at any given point in time. 

After a certain stage in design, the neighborhood was much closely looked at in order to relate the house and the institution with its larger context. Even from the context, certain elements and buildings were looked at much more closely due to their influence on the house & the institution. 

To study this neighborhood, a site plan followed by a site model at 1:200 scale was made. The organization of relative buildings, transit spaces, public spaces etc. were studied to understand how the house or even the institution may be affected by each of them. 

Upon reaching this stage, we observed our peers’ works and took notes so as to be able to give them commendations and recommendations so they may be able to look at their design from a fresh perspective and develop it further with a much broader understanding of what their design is capable of. 

We as a group assessed two peers, Shailly and Aastha.

Shailly Thakkar:

Commendations: 1. Interesting concept of bridge in the institution. 2. Model of the institution was neat.

Recommendations: 1. Structural members for staircase need to be thought of in depth. 2. Size of members in the pergola appeared too thick.

Aastha Parmar:

Commendations: 1. Vaulted roof was well made. 2. The design appeared quite porous, hence serving the program well.

Recommendations: 1. Placement of staircase should be shown in model of the institution. 2. Columns need to be placed for the terrace extending till the pit wall over the staircase for the house. 3. The staircase of the house should be covered.

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