I am offering an art workshop and a display gallery to my neighborhood. My site is in the center of my town so basically, it has a lot of festivals happening around the road. The entrance side of the house is on the roadside and it has a huge empty ground on the opposite side of the side. So I am thinking of making a small entrance from that side too. As there is home also inside of the pit the main entrance has to be on the roadside. But for the workshop people can come from the other side. The ground is accessible from the street beside the institution after 2,3 buildings.

The display gallery is on the ground floor and the art workshop is on the first floor. The art to be displayed in the gallery is the art that has been done in the workshop.


Site model-

You have to show some sense of the pit the site model. I really liked your idea of using soap for the neighboring buildings, but if possible, try to make neighborhood buildings with cardboard of different colors and not with soap or if you are showing with soap, then try to incorporate roofs of the buildings too, because right now soap is not giving the sense of the buildings in the neighborhood. The threshold is missing I think you have understood the threshold very clearly from the house of mg after reading your blog. So you can corporate that kind of threshold in your site model. Try to show the level difference of the road, ground, and buildings.


The model looks really neat, but there are some mistakes in the level of the institution and house please correct that. Also, if you have to make a wall and windows on one side of the building use a single board to make it try to not stick too many pieces of the board. The drawings have all the things vent and all, but the model doesn’t have that so try to do it too. Show some fenestration sense on all sides of the institution to get a better idea of the building. The entrance of the institution is nice, but the plinth after that put some partition on the plinth to the home entrance side to provide privacy. The entrance of the toilet is right under the staircase so try to provide it in a better way. You can shift the staircase. The space under all the staircase is wasted trying to provide some space under it or if you’re showing it in the plan then do it in the model too.


Site model-

I really liked the trees in the site model. Make institution building in the site model to properly show how it responds to the neighborhood. Also, show level differences in the model.


If you are planning to make a kitchen and workshop in the same space, then please put some partition or anything you’re providing to separate the areas. Remove the double height in the workshop and kitchen area. The double-height can reduce to normal height and you have an open cafe. The entrance area is wasted, you can put the workshop area there. The toilet in the entrance you can shift in the back where the workshop was before.


Site model-


The model is very neat. But the spaces are still not properly articulated. You’ve covered the central courtyard which is ruining the whole experience of the courtyard in the home. The dance space above is very huge for a single studio. If possible you can make 2-3 studios. Show some neighbourhood in the model to get the proper understanding of the connection of the institution with the neighborhood.

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