Gathering the Site to Make a Big Picture

Looking at the institution with the site context gives a clearer idea about how the institution relates to the neighbourhood. Placing my institution into the site model helped me realize how the institution can have some outdoor seating providing views of the common ground, which could also become a threshold for people before entering the institution. On entering the institution comprises of a shop with display of the handmade clothes on the ground floor. It has a working area for ladies doing sewing business on the upper floor. An advantage of the site was that none of the facades open on the road rather it opened on the inner street of the society and hence the entrance had less restriction in terms of it opening.

Looking at the periphery walls of the pit along with the context of the buildings around gave an idea of what views can one get from the spaces of the outside. It also hinted the type of openings the spaces could have. For example, the backside where the staircase is opens towards a building and has nothing special to see hence on that side the spaces open up less. The compound wall is made low like a parapet so that it also the people to see the displays and the working areas from outside along with protecting them from falling into the courtyard. The ground and first floor has minimal walls, only where required to have a porous structure. This also helps in reducing the load on the lower structure. The first floor opens into the double volume foyer and there is a balcony there for the ladies to watch the people coming and going. Instead of using glass much, the louvers are made which provide ventilation and there are fixed glass windows running above lintel level which provides light.

An earlier version of my design for the institution.

Peer Review – Eyaleigai

Her amazing site model gave a fair idea of the location of its structure in the neighbourhood. The 1:75 scale model gave an idea of her program for the institution which is a processed food manufacturing unit and a café and shop. But looking at the model, it felt like the two functions are independent of each other and do not have any relation. Also the staircase coming in between caused an issue as it broke the relation of the café spaces with the courtyard. The absence of fenestration left me confused at some points where I was confused if the spaces are lockable or are they completely open.

Peer Review – Simran

Simran’s institution has an idea of a cooking workshop and a café. A few recommendations I gave to Simran was to give larger openings to the toilet block and rethink about the entrance gate. Also the double volume of the workshop area felt useless as the upper portion of the double volume was not having any purpose. The site model has the institution missing from it so it give an idea of how the building will be oriented.

Peer Review – Parth

He proposed a dance academy for the institution. It was open from three sides with absence of walls but a dance academy as seen normally is never open due to loud music playing as well as the mirrors that they place to watch their own steps. Along with that to get light from North he had saw toothed roof with 2 tooths approximately at the center but then the point is where will the water from the sloping surface go. The lower floor was confusing to understand and even after him explaining the idea was not getting clear in my mind.

I learnt that parts and pieces only make sense when they come together, otherwise individually they are of no use. Also listening to their discussions I got a direction to work in my design.

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