Experiencing the Institute

The construction of an institution is not an easy task because we must imagine how the entire location will work. The neighbourhood is important in the design of an institution because it indicates how people will use the space.
So the first step was to look at the requirements in the neighbourhood, which is the institution’s program. My area lacks a popular gathering spot for eating and performing activities. So, in my institution, I built a little café on the bottom floor and a community hall on the upper floor where people may learn and socialize.

I wanted to separate the public and semi-public places in my design. So, on the ground floor, where the courtyards are designed, I preserved full walls on two sides and left the other two sides exposed to the streets. The home will be entered from the north street, while the cafeteria will be entered from the east street.

I began Anshu’s design with a site model that shows her house is surrounded by a kitchen garden and vegetation. However, it could not be distinguished because the boundary walls and other rowhouses were missing. I loved how the differentiation for roadways is shown. The roof junction in the institute model was incorrect. In the required areas, fenestration and railing were lacking. In addition, some of the columns were positioned incorrectly. Next was Mahek’s design, In site model level differentiation of ground and roads was missing. The first thing was the institution’s and house’s entrance. The house’s entry was through the street, but the institute’s entrance was from the opposite side of the house, which opened to the ground; it would have been preferable if she had switched the entrances. Louvers were missing in the model. Need to think about the space near the staircase. I liked how Netri accentuated the house in her site model, but the differentiation between the ground was absent.

Nafela’s design was not seen clearly as her photographs were not clear. However, she used a flat roof that was more than 50% flat, which was not permitted, and the joinery in the rest of the roof structure was incorrect. It is possible to use the area near the stairwell.

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