We completed the design of my childhood home, and now further in the module, we have to convert and expand the house into a community space. As the children as in me and bother are now grown up and left the house to study further, my parents are the only occupants of the house so the house is now only limited to my parents with an institution on the ground floor and the first floor.

Exploded view of my institution

My mother always keeps telling, that she’ll own a food stall after her retirement as she is very fond of cooking, And the neighbourhood I live in is in the center of the city and everything is nearer from so there are my hostels in my neighbourhood and apart from hostels the are many students who rent the houses or live as paying guests. So, for the institution I thought designing a cafe on the ground would be nice and on the first floor, I have made a workstation where the students can come and work peacefully.

We did the exploded model in Sketch-up and then had to make a 1:75 cardboard model of the institution. Model making is something I have always enjoyed. I made my model using styrofoam and greyboard. I used styrofoam for the walls and columns, and the greyboard for the roof and slabs. Working with styrofoam is really fun, as it is easy to cut and the model looks neat and nice.

Along with the institution model we also had to make a site model, which I messed up due to the lack of time, I made a very very rough model which helps a little to understand the site.

We had a peer review in which my group reviewed Aanchal, Aditya, and Maitri.


His model was not well made because he used a very thin material, so we couldn’t interpret much from the design until he explained it. He can think of some other roof and its material.


Her model was looking really I liked her model at the first sight but she missed on the fenestrations and should work a little on the curved staircase and the roof.


I liked her site model, she made good details but the model of the institution was very confusing, she can rearrange and rethink the spaces and the entrance part.

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