Meeting the Neighbourhood

Exploded showing the Day Care Centre

This week was about designing an institution above the house on the ground level. Taking forward my idea, my design is of a day care centre. As discussed earlier, being a township of a corporate company, the adults are mostly busy in their offices, having no one left to care for their kids, who have to stay alone at home. To my perspective, in a neighbourhood like this a babysitter is a good idea to work upon. 

The organization is working with separating the activity spaces and the services areas. The privacy of the house and institution is looked upon, the circulation is separated by different entrances. The institution has an entry from the street while the entry for the home is from the backyard. A curve is introduced to experience a floating roof.

1:200 Model of Neighbourhood
1:75 Model of the design

Peer Review


1:200 neighbourhood model

The neighbourhood model is very good for 1:200 scale. She could show the different levels, so that the sense of thresholds could be clearer, like from road to the institution. The massing for neighbouring buildings could be made neater. The site is not well focused, it took a while for me to spot the site, although there is a try to differentiate the site by showing little more detail than the rest of the buildings.

model showing spaces at different levels
Overall model with showing the roofs

1:75 site model is neat and stiff, though there are some small errors in aligning the elements. As discussed earlier, the railings/parapets are missing in the model. The toilet on the ground has no ventilation, mostly it was missed as I could observe a ventilation in the orthographic drawings. The staircase near the entrance has the possibility to have an opening to get in natural light, it looks a little cramped with that continuous wall. The design has a good circulation, but personally I feel the inhibitors may feel boring or lazy to walk a long distance, although it’s good that in a few spaces the circulation looks into the open. I like the idea about giving a slope above the kitchen area and having a garden in it, which seems to be a good chill out space. The other roof is very different from the garden roof, I get it that it is made to incorporate the vulnerability of the neighbourhood, yet I suggest thinking about some roof which could be similar to the garden roof and has essense of vernacular too. 

Nainsi Chaudhari

Parth Kerai

Simran Parekh

1:75 neighbourhood model

I like the quality of the neighbourhood model. The pit is missing. Thresholds and levels could be made better. 

ground level
first floor level

I like the neatness of the model. Articulation is not so on point, like the railings and humans are missing. I like the idea of making a cooking class and a cafeteria for your site, as the mother is interested in cooking. The privacy of the house from the institutions is not working well in my vision. The vertical circulation is looking into the house. This could be resolved by introducing some visual barrier, similar to what is added to separate the house and institution. I do have a doubt about how the kitchen would connect to the cafe area. Possibly, projecting the circulation at level 3m into the kitchen space could, and connecting it to the lower level some steps or a spiral staircase, this could be the connection between these two spaces. Resulting in a separate pathway for the serving and the inhabitants.

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