Revisiting the offline week

The offline week with our tutors and classmates physically present in front of us was new and different. Mornings were consumed by fun and spontaneous warm up exercises everyday. We were introduced to a team building exercise that also made us conscious of our body. The activity was as simple as making rice balls from balloons and playing catch with our peers. It made us realise how peers could help each other and find a way through. While playing catch, we grew aware of how our bodies reacted and rested. These warm exercises were followed by discussions on our process and progress. Instead of uploading our sheets on virtual boards we actually took out prints and discussed it with sketching and doodling our ideas over them.

We dove deeper into a better organisational layout of the design through colour coding and conversations with tutors, TA and our friends and peers. Throughout the week, I felt that there was a drastic increase in our productivity due to numerous reasons, one being that we were not working alone confined to our rooms. We had the support of fourteen other friends who were working alongside us. 

After our new routine of playing catch, we were assigned a new warm up exercise where we had to study different buildings on the college campus and sketch their layouts, massing, circulation and sketch them. On the next day we had to roam around the campus and sketch different openings and study them. After this, we had a meaningful discussion with our tutor where he asked us to tell him what we found different and learned through the process. These spontaneous exercises made us think on our feet and learn through them.

This enriching week ended with a lot of memories which will be cherished forever.

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