Thoroughness in Haste

The week was intense not just in terms of the workload but also in terms of the mediums explored, architectural elements analyzed and the amount of iterations improved upon. Each day had something new to offer be it a fun-filled game of catch or the process of quickly sketching out as many openings and fenestrations, each of the exercises had a purpose that ultimately enabled us, as an entire studio unit together, to understand and facilitate peer learning at its best.

Collage from a few of the elements explored in the week

Frottage: the act of translating a texture onto paper was an exercise where we all ran around the campus in search of various materials and brought them back to studio quite literally but not really! This was eventually also used in the final compilation or collage. The materials quite literally depict the kind of textures I intended my house to have, but at the same time they added depth into the collage.

Other exercises of analyzing diagrammatically the program, layout, circulation and mass/void relationship of a building. I studied the CEPT Workshop in order to understand the same.

My favorite exercise was the one where we went around campus and sketched out openings and fenestrations with some detailing of the materials, joinery and paneling. This gave me an idea of the various kinds of possibilities an opening opens up in design. Openings for light, ventilation, view, authoritative checks, circulation, transfer of small objects, etc. were just a few of the potential possibilities we explored on campus. The idea of human scale in these sketches also became an integral part of representation in order to read scale and size efficiently and quickly.

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