The house of MG

The house of MG located in lal darwaja, Ahmedabad is a hotel with a museum.It was a haveli of mangaldas which then was converted into an institution place. The mass and void of the residence was intriguing as the placement of the builtform was such it made a beautiful courtyard. The entrance consists of big verandah space and the there is a foyer at the entrance. It consists of reception and waiting space. And than another foyer space has art shop and there are posters and books about the owner of the haveli Mangaldas. That foyer open ups to the beautiful courtyard space and since the building is converted into hotel there are rooms on the opposite side of the courtyard.It consists of varieties of different spaces such as a terrace garden ,pitched roof, double height spaces etc. And it was interesting to see that they converted rooms into museums.

image shows the courtyard.

One of the spaces that intrigued me was the terrace garden space and the play of level. It has a plantation on the roof and the view was also satisfying. One can feel the cool breeze on the terrace. As you can see in the image below it is a beautiful combination of terrace garden and pitched roof. We can also access the floor below that level as it has staircases on the one corner. It was on 3-4 different levels.Another details I observed were that they used antique switch boards and have constructed same columns. Though I have found the use of the steel coloum at some places but the language was not consistent throughout the entire building. It seemed like they had used the same steel coloumn everywhere and at some places they had used ornamentals colulms to hide the steel the columns. Another structural detail i observed was the use of jack arches and it was not structure. The jack arches was only for the aesthetic purpose.

image shows the column and the jack arches.
Image shows the terrace space.

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