The visit to the house of mg was so much fun. I went there a second time, so I already knew the architecture and I needed to do it was to focus more on the reuse of the architecture how all types of spaces and activities could work in a single building. The best part about the building that I find fascinating is that even though these different activities are happening, there is no disturbance from one to another. The residence was converted into a heritage hotel with restaurants, museums, and shops selling ancient crafts.

I did not just learn about the institution’s transformation, but also get to learn about my childhood home. I noticed the spaces were distributed in 3 parts public, semi-public and private which I had co-operated in my design. The ground floor was public which I made in my design from the very first start. Then, as it goes away from the ground floor semi-public and private places take into consideration. This part cannot guarantee privacy obviously, but can give some privacy rather than a private place on the ground floor. So I believe this fact plays a very important role in the transformation too. By keeping the semi-public place at the intermediate level the institution won’t disturb the private level. There are courtyards, but it does not disturb the privacy which I really liked, but then I think I have to think something different about my design because I have my semi-public and private levels in the pit which can be easily visible from the ground floor and first-floor institution. 

Screening to the courtyard

Also, I got many ideas about the placement of the furniture in the formal living space and its relation with the courtyards. I learned different materials how they come together for example wood and terracotta. And how the transition of the space occurs

I also learned about different types of openings for different kinds of space. 

Learned layers of roofing system.


After the visit to the house of mg, I got so many ideas about the spaces and the transition of the public spaces to the private space. Also now I have more ideas about how to use the material timber.

As I started thinking about my neighborhood and turning my childhood home into an institution, I went deep into my neighborhood and thought about the kind of institution that will be needed in the neighborhood. My site is in Jasdan which is a small town with not so many possibilities for study and art. So I am thinking of offering a display gallery for the artists of Jasdan who doesn’t have access to show their art to the town and a library because Jasdan has only one library which is also not so ambient and no one goes there because of that. The ground floor will have a Display gallery and the library will be on the first floor. After considering the direction of the home I am thinking of making a glass panel opposite the entrance and wooden louver panels on the entrance side.

In the display gallery, starting with the reception at the entrance, which is beside the staircase to the first floor. I am thinking of putting a panel in the staircase to the -3 level to provide privacy and mostly putting displays on the courtyard side to avoid contact with the private space. And also putting panels towards the courtyard on the ground floor similar to how the house of mg had. And at last, putting the lounge area for some private discussions for the artists.

In the library on the first floor, I’ve tried to put the reception table directly after the staircase. All the sitting tables are in front of the courtyards. And shelf in between.

Curved roof with wooden louver panels on sides

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