On campus Workshop

After seven weeks of online studio, being on campus for the eighth week was a great experience. We could engage better with faculty and with our peers, with getting more time for individual work. Early morning rice balloons exercise helped my body to engage in a better way with the things happening in the surroundings (and not to stress the body unnecessarily). Mainly, doing my part in the world. Days like this, continued by some quick exercises, which focused on observing the things on campus.

Observing the openings through plans and sections

On one day we quickly walked around the campus and drew some plans and sections of various kinds of openings, and each discovered different things, like the hierarchy of the openings, opacity, proportions and many more. Personally I also learnt that drawings of openings could also have inhabitation, like the opening made on the library niche  has  seating space, whereas I drew humans to get an idea of scale rather than the inhabitation of the opening. Next was about, tracing frottages of different materials and then imitating them using any medium. After such quick exercises, we got individual discussions on our designs, wherein tutors scribbled on the design, which further helped in understanding and improving our designs. Being on campus helped me in getting inputs from my peers too, and even I could share my thoughts with them.

making frontages for different materials, this frottage is of a tag board
Attempting to create a frottage of a brick wall using charcoal
Discussing with Studio tutors

The workshop ended with a collage making, showing what new image could our design have after that one week of transition in  the design process. As now, we also looked onto textures, openings, built unbuilt, circulation and connection with the outer world, while our previous aspects were light, sound, smell and warmth, these too were incorporated into the new collage. This further helped me in looking onto where all I struggled in my design process, like playing with the intersection of double volumes and lightning.


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