The excitement of going offline again was very much. Starting from the first day it was quite hectic and a whole new transformation suddenly from being online to offline. But from the second day, I got used to it and started to really enjoy the whole workshop experience.

Being online was quite frustrating and I wasn’t able to produce that much work that I could do normally. So in the offline mode being with tutors really improved my work and I started to work fast because I really enjoyed the process. In online mode, I have worked on one iteration for 2 days, but in offline mode, I worked on 2 iterations in a single day. So that was something I learned from the workshop and I still continue it today. 

The iterations on tracing paper really bring out my design because that was really quick and I still follow this process. And also soap model during that period really helped me improve my design and understanding of spaces. The entire week I worked on schematic diagrams, plans on tracing sheets and the soap models is something I took from the workshop and still works on it.

The quick collage gave me new ideas for my design.

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