Exploring the house

The House of MG was built as a residence and was later converted into a hotel. It is located on one of Ahmedabad’s main roads. It is a large area with restaurants, stores, indoor sports games, and a museum gallery. It has high walls and a large gate at the entrance. Inside, the environment is peaceful and relaxing. As we enter, the first thing we see is the lobby with reception, which leads to the courtyards, then the facilities areas, and lastly the boutique shops.

On the ground floor, the entrance area connects to the indoor pool on one side, while the other side opens to handcraft shops, a stairway, and staff space. The corridor opens to the courtyard, which contains a seating space and is surrounded by greenery. There is also a greenhouse cafe on the ground floor. The walls are plastered and painted on the inside. Because there are open areas, the circulation in the spaces is easy. On the first floor, there is an exhibition hall where Gujarati handicrafts are displayed. There is also a bookstore where books about Indian healing art, architecture, cuisine, arts, crafts, and design are present.  The floor is open, allowing visitors to easily see the exhibitory objects. Each room has sufficient lighting and ventilation. There is a terrace restaurant, and the entire terrace is filled with vegetation.

The internal infrastructure is painted in bright colors, and the interior is furnished with traditional elements and a good amount of plants. The openings, such as windows and louvers, are very effectively incorporated. The structure contains jail designs in several places, such as space dividers and on the roof. With regard to the privacy of other locations, all open spaces feature seating areas. The interior is packed with plants and a fountain, which creates a cool environment. Switchboards are buried for aesthetic reasons. Spaces surrounding lifts and stairwells are darker than other areas. The use of various materials is well represented. I appreciate how they modified the elements but didn’t completely change them.

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