Enhancing the  Neighbourhood

Rethinking about the pit and the neighbourhood, the house has to grow further into an institution which greatly serves the neighbourings and ensures the privacy of the house below the ground.

From the time problem, an idea of making an exhibition hall and a theatre space was proposed by Mahek. This idea in a way is good if I look into the design brief, but the fact that we all would have left our homes in future say in some ten years, then possibly this intent does work. It would be better if my neighbors had similar interests as my cousins and I had, but looking at the site neighbourhood, there are such public places specially made where all could gather and engage in activities.

Acknowledging the fact that it is a township, where the residents were employees working nine to six in a corporate company, their kids need to stay alone. Parents being busy, there is no one to look behind the small kids, especially kids below ten years. Designing a daycare babysitting seems to be a good idea, which could help the neighbourhood.

The idea of a day care centre would be articulated in two floors. The ground floor will have a double volume seating area, a small pantry, an eating space and a toilet. The first floor will have an open rest area, a large play area and a toilet. Occasionally, this centre could also be used for different functions, like on holidays, parents would be at home for their children, along with it people might like to visit an exhibition or watch some theatre and spend some family time.

Ground floor
First floor

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