A Week Long Refinement

Unlike any other class I had since my first year, this week was quite of an experience for me, this entire week not just taught me architecture but also how to manage time and schedule to keep up with the classes and work load.

Starting from day one of the week we had an exercise where we created rice in a balloon ball and we literally played catch with it, first it was very confusing for all us but soon we realized its for increasing our focus and to be more present. We did this exercise for the whole week. The design that we were working for more than a month now, finally needs to be refined enough for mid-term now. So, this week our faculty came all the way to Ahmadabad to our university to host offline classes to discuss on our designs in person. Throughout the week we did many different exercises, including study of windows and other openings, how spaces are built and organized along the university grounds, we drew the trees and fenestration around the college and the university, and Iterations of our childhood home design.

Doing classes out of my fourteen by eleven-inch laptop screen was quite a new and a refreshing experience for me, the exercises we did hold much more value than any other exercise I did before because how much more impactful they are doing them physically with my other peers and faculty.

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