A week in spontaneity

Initiating with the childhood home design, the week was set up such as it gives the boost to the process of resolution. The quick set of exercises are anticipated in a workshop mode which helps me to open up my mind through the iterations of various possibilities. Another exciting thing about this program was that it was scheduled completely on the campus. So after a long time, I have experienced that atmosphere where the room is filled with a bunch of fellow members who all belong to the same discipline. The learning experience was completely different as the tutors were there the whole day with my peers and the discussions were going one after the other till dusk.

The approach for the spatial organisation using different mediums gives the freedom to focus on the spatial essence of the house and for a while we can forget about the parameter of how it is going to work. The multiple iterations of schematic plan diagrams for different levels were made which allows us to discuss the design and look at the shortcomings through different iterations. Then at the end of day it gives us the clear idea what qualities are to be retained in the next step of the process. During this process I realised that at first glance the plan will not reciprocate with the diagram or concept directly but the sense and spatial quality still resonates with the initial diagram. So this gives me new learning that the concept is not an image of the building but it is something which holds your perception and allows you to deviate according to the medium and the process.

A unique medium was explored during that week for model making. Glycerin soap base was used to make the 3d model to look at the relationship between mass and the voids. It was very feasible in the soap model to look into different possibilities of organisation. The different layers of the elements are more clear to visualize due to the colour coding of soap base. One of the problems in this model was the junction of paper and the glycerin because it can’t stick permanently. While cutting the glycerin cubes I have to be patient as the cutter tends to slide in directions other than expected.

Apart from these studio exercises which focus on the design brief, we have a set of other exercises which focuses on time management. The first exercise was to make juggling balls with rice and balloons with my peers as a group. Initially we thought it was an easy task but after a moment the rice was pushing back as the balloon tends to retain its size. So I understand that the task was not only to fill maximum balloons with rice but to find the best technique in a given short time. Then these juggling balls were used to play an interesting game of juggling and passing but all of the studio members can participate at a time. One of the tasks during the game was to be present and attentive not only towards the upcoming balls but also on your body posture and position. Some of the quick exercises were followed on other days by observing the types of building in the campus, types of openings, mass and void, movement and circulation.

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