Visiting spaces to observe and learn

Standing beside one of the busy roads of Ahmedabad, the House of M.G. has a very peaceful environment as one enters in the foyer.  The tiles in the entrance contrasting with the compound tiles gives an instantaneous feel of entering the home. As one enters the house, the reception guides through the community space and has a shop in the end of the hall. Where the space seems to be divided in three parts with reception and a shop in the center on the left where it gives entrance to community space and left the space used only by the staff of the hotel.  The central hall also provides a waiting lounge. The shop consists of handicrafts and other antique showcase pieces. The space on the left has a drawing room, and staircase which is placed around the lift. Where it helps to enter the corridor which connects to community spaces directly. The door in the corridor consists of a mirror in the upper panel which gives the feel of looking into the room from a distance. On the other hand some doors have glass in the panel to look into the space. The first floor consists of exhibitory space which also consists of a bookstore. The exhibition consists of handicrafts from different parts of gujarat.

The exhibition space is made up of five rooms, and one of them is a book store. The central room is the entrance to exhibit from the lift and the staircase. The walls of these rooms are thicker than the other spaces and had arched recessed walls where the exhibitory products were displayed. The room in the entrance had an overview of all the exhibitory products in the exhibition. Further there were three more rooms connected along the axis having movable exhibition panels which were hung from metal beams passing through the room. The hanging panels kept the floor free which made it easy to clean the rooms. The rooms had very few windows and had air vents at the top of the windows. The upper panels of the windows followed the same language as the door of having mirrors.  On the second floor there was a terrace garden and terrace restaurant which had floral mosaic tiling. 

A bridge passing into the courtyard connected to the spaces in the front. Walking into the bridge created an experience of floating below the bridge and a veranda was created where an outdoor sitting was placed. Overall the spaces are directly connected to the corridor which is looking into the courtyard. Where the courtyard was filled with vegetation and foundation this created a micro climate which gave a peaceful environment inside the house.

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