What to?

After the completion of my childhood home Time problem started. It was to swap designs with our groupmates. I took Anshu’s design and similarly my design was taken by another groupmate. So basically I had to understand her neighbourhood first and then start working at the institution I like to provide it to her neighbourhood. So starting to understand her neighborhood and the people living around I got to know she used to live in a township.

So basically the township has everything so I was really confused at first as to what to provide in her neighbourhood that is already not there or if there then in a better way. After understanding the neighbours too I got to know she and her friends and cousins were very talented and as they were very small at that time had no idea as to were to show their talent so I thought to provide exhibition gallery to on the ground floor which will showcase all kinds of handmade things like drawings, sketches or some pottery, etc.

And upper floor for their different talents so that was the initial thought for the upper floor. Then I got to know her parents and also some neighbours used to to a 9 to 5 job and always very busy to interact with the neighbours but the children were always very connected to the neighbours. So I thought maybe if there is an auditorium hall or something like that kind so that at night they can get together to screen something and watch together have fun and bond. So the overall idea is to provide a space that can be used to show children talent but also can convert it to the movie screening place.

To maintain the design and structure of the two floors in the pit, I first scribbled in a sheet and tried to maintain the same language of levels and structure.

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