Shuffling and Articulating

Exploded view of the design

The designing of my childhood home is concluded by now growing the pit house into an institution which could serve the neighbourhood. For this week we had a time problem where we shuffled our childhood homes among ourselves and gave our inputs to someone else to design on to what all new possibilities or challenges could be possible. I designed an institution for Netri’s house, which iis located in Ahmedabad. The pit has adjacent buildings on all three sides, hence, only one side from the entry was open to the street. Her neighbourhood had very few public places, to list a few it had two to three commercial buildings like a mall and a superstore, along with few play areas around.

Isometric view from the back

My idea was to design a coworking space along with a rooftop cafeteria. The basic idea was to provide a working environment to the people. As looking into today’s scenario where most of us are working from home, but not all of have a working environment at home, or possibly not everyone’s housemates understand in providing certain level privacy to every individual, so for them a coworking space is a suitable area wherein they get to sit among new people.

Isometric view from the entrance

In this design I tried to continue the structural language which was pre-established. Although, a gesture in changing the roof is made, to articulate the rooftop cafe. The partition walls on the ground floor were made out of glass, to give some transparency to space and to introduce new materials in the design. Unfortunately, there was a nice chance of creating a double volume entrance area, but got missed in order to increase the cafe area cover.

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